The National Nonprofit Association „Future for Varna“ received officially declared support from Regional Administration of Varna for five of its projects-strategic for Varna and the region.

After successfully performed  presentation by a team of experts and discussion at the Regional Administration of Varna before the Governor, the chief architect of Varna Municipality  Mr. Viktor Buzev, The National Nonprofit Association in public benefit „Future for Varna“ received officially declared support of the Regional Administration Varna and of Regional Governor Mr. Stoyan Pasev for five strategic projects for the city of Varna and the region of Varna:

  1. Mega Project „SUPER VARNA 2025with ROl over 15,7% – An original concept for transforming Varna and the region into modern international megapolis, European duty-free and commercial mega zone and attractive international tourist destination for year around tourism and business within 7 years, all this with the aim for creation of over 10000 new jobs in the region;
  2. European Expo Center Varna – Ferryboat complex and logistics hub“ for import and export. This as part of the mega project „SUPER VARNA 2025“ with ROI over 25% – a project for multifunctional and universal international expo center of highest international class combined with distribution logistics hub located in the region. The Expo center shall serve as gate to Europe with its numerous specialized large scale expositions of the light industry, tourism, machine building, construction industry and yacht exhibitions, pavilions for commercial presentation of goods, hotels and duty-free zone. The aim of the project is to revive the economy of the region and generate substantial income in the future for the local and the central budgets through creation of new jobs.
  3. Lock chamber with container terminal and deep sea terminal for the Panamax/post Panamax class of ships in Varna“ subdivided into Project No.l – Panamax and project No.2 – post Panamax – both as part of the „SUPER VARNA 2025“ project – The loch chamber and the associated equipment with the deep sea terminals shall offer complex solution to the unavoidable so far obstacle – the Asparuhov bridge. This in turn will allow entrance into the Varna lake of classes 3, 4 and higher container carriers, as well as their servicing in the port of Varna and later at the intermodal terminal in the Varna lake.The presented projects are finished solutions in technical and engineering aspect. They allow access and servicing of the said class ships (sea-lake) avoiding the limitations imposed by height of the constructions and the depth of the navigation routes through the channel and the lake of Varna, providing at the same time safe and uninterrupted route for the vehicle traffic. The realization of the project does not require up lifting of the Asparuhov bridge, digging tunnel under the channel or construction of a new bridge. The latter is an investment three times larger than the proposed one, while the offered technical solution is already well known in Europe and already multiply funded through the EU structure funds;
  4. Varna Ocean Dome – an aqua park with artificial beach in the city of Varna or somewhere in the nearby resorts“ – sub-project of „SUPER VARMA 2025“ with ROI over 17,3% – The project with cost of 45 million euro shall generate within 8 years after opening of the facility 10 000 to 12 000 tourists per day in the city and the area year around. Taking into account the short season of 5-6 months for offering beach recreation, the actual realization of the project is expected to generate indirectly over 9 000 new occupied beds in the city and the area – an unused so far resource beyond the traditional seasons’ limits which in turn shall generate extra jobs from the occupation of these beds for good 6-7 months, substantially improving the economy of the city and the region.

Information about the status of the project:

National Nonprofit Association in public benefit „Future for Varna“, 02.08.2016 г.

(*) All funds invested for the realization of projects of the National Nonprofit Association in Public Benefit „Future for Varna“ are provided without state funding, grants, participation in regional grant schemes or through procurement awards!

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