Project SmartCityITS (Smart City Intelligent Transport System) for optimizing the city traffic

Smart City™ project: SmartCityITS (Smart City Intelligent Transport System) for optimizing the city traffic through funding under URBACT III, H2020-EU.3.6. – SOCIETAL CHALLENGES and through other Operational Programs 2013-2020

Black Sea Economic Zone Cluster (BSEZC) are looking for partners and beneficiaries of municipalities to implement the project „SmartCityITS (Smart City Intelligent Transport System) in a given city of Europe for contact: or

  • Contact person for Italy: Mr. Lyubomir Krastev, Treveso, Italy, Mobile IT: + 39-328 – 456 6919
  • Contact person for Spain: Ms. Paula Kuncheva, Madrid, Spain, Mobile ES: + 34-642-80 10 22


The project will include the following subprojects:

Smart City™ Traffic = SmartCityITS (Smart City Intelligent Transport System)  for optimizing the city traffic

General goal: Undoubtedly, one of the key components of Smart City™, is an intelligent transport management system that optimizes the city traffic by displaying the real-time traffic situation on information panels on streets or on citizens’ smartphones, showing optimal routes, congestions, crashes, repair works and providing other useful features and information.

The project will enable each user through installation of an application on the smartphone to report crashes, holes, repair works and other hazards he/she sees on the road, and get alerts on his/her route for congestion and other hazards.

Major results on completion of the project:

  • Full awareness of what’s happening on the road in town and area in real time
  • Partners receive quick and up-to-date information on incidents and other dangers along the way.
  • Increased effectiveness of responding to accidents and injuries
  • By using App (applications), it will be possible to accurately indicate and check where the incidents occur. This will create conditions for faster response and clearing of the road
  • Reduction of the traffic load in city and district.
  • By redirecting traffic to other routes in real-time the users will avoid closed roads and incidents’ sites
  • It will be possible to implement the necessary infrastructure solutions according to the analysis of the data accumulated.
  • It will be possible to identify the places with frequent congestions and hazards and to take meaningful urban decision for their speedy solution.
  •  The Dispatch Center for Traffic Control (CTC) will become possible to create.

The Benefits of Implementing the Traffic Management System:

  • Reduce travel time from point „A“ to „B“ by up to 20%.
  • Reduce transport emissions by up to 25%.
  • Reduce fuel costs by 7-9%.